Rise Training Program

Rise Training Program

Our program is expertly designed by Warren Gheen, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to improve strength and conditioning for individuals of all fitness levels. Our intervals are designed to build proficiency and efficiency throughout all energy systems and movement patterns. We use kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, TRX Suspension Trainer (Trademarked), TRX Rip Trainer (Trademarked), battle ropes, parallettes, plyo-boxes, CrossOver Symmetery (Trademarked), Air Assault Bikes, Rowers, Ski-Ergs, and more to achieve extraordinary strength and conditioning unmatched by any other program. By loading irregular movement patterns and challenging all energy systems we can improve all aspects of fitness and improve our overall general health.

Rise Zones

Every training session is split into four zones that are expertly designed to illicit a powerful training response.  On average half of the workout will have a greater emphasis on “cardiovascular training” while the other half is more “strength based”.

Rise Intervals

  • Anaerobic:

    Intervals are shorter in duration with approximately 1:1 work to rest ratios.

    Targeted Energy System: Phosphocreatine (High Power-Short Duration)

  • Glycolytic:

    Intervals are moderate in length with approximately 2:1 work to rest ratios.

    Targeted Energy System: Glycolytic (Moderate Power-Moderate Duration)

  • Aerobic:

    Intervals are longer in duration with 3:1 or greater work to rest rations

    Targeted Energy System: Aerobic (Low Power-Long Duration)

Meet The Rise Team

  • MeetWarrenGheen, DPT

    Meet Warren Gheen, DPT

    Warren started his fitness voyage at an early age with playing any sport that was in season. After high school Warren attended East Carolina University where he continued to stay active by founding a Club wrestling team and began personal and group training. Over the next 13 years Warren has gained a wealth of knowledge by training thousands of clients in 1:1, small group, and the team setting from “every day people” to high school/college/professional athletes. Warren has also been practicing physical therapy for the last 5+ years as well. Warren has a passion for helping people use fitness as an avenue to improve all aspects of life.

  • MeetMichelleShuck

    Meet Michelle Shuck

    Michelle is a trainer and a lifelong teacher. Michelle has been a workout enthusiast for most of her adult life. After gaining the infamous Freshman 15 her first year of college, she began working out regularly and never looked back. Years in a typical gym and countless workout classes left Michelle bored, it was functional fitness that finally gave Michelle the edge for her workouts that she’d been looking for. Born and raised in Charlotte and a Panther fan to the core, Michelle loves to run and enjoys heading out to the greenway with friends or to walk her dog Berkley. She loves a fun 5K and obstacle course racing.

  • MeetBrandonShuck

    Meet Brandon Shuck

    Brandon was a former High School All-State baseball player and wrestler, and later played baseball in college. After organized sports stopped, Brandon continued to workout and enjoyed staying in shape, but became bored with the mundane “Globo Gym” routine. In early 2012, Brandon was turned on to functional fitness by a close friend and immediately wanted more. The sense of community is what gave Brandon the desire to want to share this with everyone. Brandon now finds himself enjoying training groups and individuals to improve their lives through fitness.

  • MeetAmyBullock

    Meet Amy Bullock

    Amy Bullock is a physical therapist at an outpatient facility located in Gastonia, NC. Amy has been an athlete my whole life and played basketball/soccer in college. As a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, Amy has a passion to help individuals become stronger mentally and physically. “Stronger than yesterday – Weaker than tomorrow” is the motto Amy approaches each day with and carries this over to her training for all clients of RISE Charlotte!