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Member Spotlight- John Quattlebaum

How were you introduced to RISE?

A good friend knew I was looking for something new to challenge me and help me reach my weight loss goals. My good friend Warren offered to have me come in and workout with him at his gym. Warren introduced me to his great product “RISE” and has help me every step of the way.


What is your exercise background?

Playing on the jungle gym at McDonald’s!!!!!!!!!!


What motivates you to exercise on a daily basis?

Once you start working out at RISE it’s hard to stop. You

make so many great relationships during your workout. You just can’t wait to see your workout buddies the next day.


What is your favorite RISE interval?

20 sec interval are my favorite…..They don’t give you time to think so it goes by crazy fast. I have trouble staying on task so fast intervals work for me the best.


What is your favorite RISE exercise or apparatus?

Row machine because Kyle Toscano, my workout partner, can’t keep up with me.


What do you do for fun?

Anything….Just love spending time with my friends and doing new things. They keep me centered.